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Crane 45t with 32m telescopic boom + 10m lattice extension

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Crane 50t with 38m telescopic boom + 15 lattice extension

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Vacuum cleaning of septic tanks, unblock sewers by high pressure and cleaning of large places with water.

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Crane 12t with 14m telescopic boom

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Crane 27t with 24m telescopic boom + 9m lattice extension

Podem JM is a firm that rents cranes with operators on them.

It has four cranes with telescopic booms. (more detailed information in section "Mechanization")
Podem JM Ltd. was created in 2003, as a receiver of "Adri-Atanaska Mihaleva" ET created in 1992. Partners in Podem JM Ltd. are Jivko Mihalev, Atanaska Mihalevi and Adriyana Mihaleva.

The company has a team of professionals who can operate cranes with unlimited lifting capability. They have vast and versatile experience with loading and unloading stuff. Annually we have refresher courses to increase the qualification of our team.


  • The company aims for quick, quality and without risk service.
  • In the nearby future we intend to buy a larger crane – lifting capability 70t , for optimizing our services.


Our Cranes

crane1 crane2 crane3 crane4 crane5

The firm serves clients only in the Varna region!