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Crane 45t with 32m telescopic boom + 10m lattice extension

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Crane 50t with 38m telescopic boom + 15 lattice extension

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Vacuum cleaning of septic tanks, unblock sewers by high pressure and cleaning of large places with water.

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Crane 12t with 14m telescopic boom

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Crane 27t with 24m telescopic boom + 9m lattice extension


For request call 0888306097 under these conditions:

  • 1 hour of crane work = 60 minutes
  • 1 day of work = 8 hours
  • Mileage = the distance between our base (near Metro Group (store) ) ,the building place and the journey back.
  • minimal time for the service = 60 minutes
  • discounts are made for more than 10 days of work !
  • The company is registered in VET.
  • The service is reported by bilateral signed reporting sheet after the job is finished. Invoice is issued at our office.

For more specific jobs we offer an inspection to the working site, from the crane operator so we can analyze the situation.


Calculator to estimate the approximate price for the service done by Podem JM Varna, Bulgaria.


Select a crane:

Enter time to hire and distance from place A to B :

Enter time to hire:
The time for hiring in hours. The minimum length of the service – 1 hour.
The distance between our base (near “Metro Group” store), the building place and the journey back.